Brand-New ’66 Shelby Mustang GT350s From Revology

shelbygt350As any Mustang enthusiast understands, the original Shelby Mustang is the Holy Grail of all Mustangs. The legend began in 1964 when Ford employed the skills of Carroll Shelby to turn the ’65 Mustang into a race-worthy performance car.

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The 1965 Shelbys were the rarest with only 562 being produced.

From then until 1970, Shelby was partnered with Ford and designed the various versions of Mustangs that comprise the legend as we know it today- the GT 350, GT 350R, GT 350H and the GT 500. And as with any great American classic, supplies are limited – a total of only 13,000 Shelby Mustangs were produced, with the rarest ’65 Shelbys numbering only 562 cars.

Naturally, then, getting your hands on a classic Shelby today is going to take some serious cash. ’65 GT 350s tend to fall near the $400,000 price range, but the most expensive Shelby ever sold was a one-of-one, ’67 GT 500 Super Snake at $1.3 million.

While this may seem awfully discouraging to those in the market for their own slice of Shelby heaven, Revology Cars has a solution. Based out of Orlando, Florida, the company specializes in not restoring classic Mustangs for several hundred-thousand dollars, but rather recreating them altogether.

Revology began creating Mustang replicas with the ’65-’66 Mustang and Mustang GT, and has announced that they’ve now been given official license to build ’66 Shelby GT350/ GT350H replicas as well. Its prices vary, but start around $120,000 dollars – not ‘cheap’ per se, but far more affordable than most other options.

One thing the company stresses is that their cars are not restorations or refurbished originals – they are entirely new cars. The bodies are brand new, Ford-licensed units; all interior work, from the seats to the gauge cluster, is brand new; and the powertrain is entirely new, as well (unless you opt for the 5.0L EFI V8, 4R70W trans., or 4L65E trans., which are all remanufactured originals).

Revology states that their primary goal is to take the incredible classic cars that everyone knows, loves, and (usually) can’t have, and offer them to enthusiasts with the power, safety, and comfort that modern technology can allow.

The company plans to reveal the GT350/ GT350H replicas this coming spring. Over time, they will continue releasing replicas and plan to eventually complete the line of Shelby Mustangs.

Revology also produces '65-'66 Mustangs and Mustang GTs.

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