BREAKING: Did Dodge Just Reveal The Demon Horsepower?

tire3If you’ve followed along with the 2018 Dodge Challenger SRT Demon videos from the Demon website, you’ve seen a few things revealed here and there and despite all the clues that have been dropped, there are some things that still remained a mystery. One of those things that has people speculating on is the horsepower rating.

Did the Crate video reveal 757 and 1121 as horsepower ratings? Seeing 757 isn’t really that impressive since the Hellcat is supposed to be “left in the dust” with its 707 horsepower. The 1121 seems to be a bit much for a California smog legal car, and seems more like the upcoming Drag Pack replacement – the ADR (American Drag Racer).

But then the latest video to drop from the IfYouKnowYouKnow website is the Wheel video, which has been changed to “Multiplication”, showing the ultra wide 315/40R18 Nitto NT05R drag radial getting in some wrinkle action. While the video is rather short and doesn’t seem to give much away other than the wrinklewall street-legal drag radials that are said to be at all four corners, it’s not the video itself that we are paying close attention to.


There’s a demon tail on the wheel, and it just happens to be pointing to that tire metric. A closer look is needed…

We’re checking out the wallpapers that can be downloaded, and one in particular shows that same wheel/tire image we’ve all seen, except the tire is showing “815” instead of 315 for the metrics. Did Dodge just reveal the horsepower of the new Demon to be 815? As FCA has said in a recent press release: “everything means something.”


P815? Does that mean “Power=815” on the side of this tire? Everything means something, right?

We were told it would be about 850, but this 815 should mean something. We’re not sure it could be the torque, if 815 is not the horsepower rating. Then there’s the 757 on the crate VIN plate; could 757 be the horsepower rating and 815 using the Race Gas button? Or 757 torque, 815 horsepower, and push the button for 850 horsepower on race gas. Certainly, a push of a button could conceivably net 40-60 horsepower. Until we find out for sure at the New York International Auto Show, we’re guessing we just found the magic number.

Thanks to Erik Radzins from ProCharger for the tip!

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