Bridge Racing Building Twin Turbo Mod Motor Fox Body True Street Car

Bridge Racing is back at it again as they prepare to roll out a twin turbocharged, modular motored machine out of their Southaven, MS., shop. This car, being built for Alabama native Marshall Carpenter, will be a Fox bodied car that will be campaigned in True Street Eliminator. Carpenter’s last car, a 2005 Mustang with a 76mm turbo was not enough to keep up in the class and will be stepping up to a pair of turbos that are capable of pushing 2000 hp.

Beyond having the power and consistency to compete in the highly competitive True Street, the Mustang will have superior street driving capabilities. The team intends to be able to drive the car to the track on pump gas to the track, put racing fuel into the tank, and be able to drop into the seven second zone on track. The team calculates that on the street they should be able to get 18 mpg on pump gas to and from the track, or anywhere else they may cruise.

The power plant is a 5.4L Mod Motor built in house at Bridge Racing with a custom pair of mid mounted Precision Billet HPQ 71 mm turbochargers. Feeding the motor fuels will be Atomizer 160 lbs injectors controlled by a Motec ECU. Boost will be controlled via a TurboSmart wastegate and BOV controlled by an AMS 1000. To move the massive amounts of air from the motor to the tail pipe, the team has made a full dual 3 ½ inch aluminum exhaust that runs all the way to the rear bumper of the Mustang.

Power will be put to the wheels via a TCI built Pro-X TH400 transmission mounted using a custom made chromoly cross member. Since the team intends running in the seven second zone a full SFI spec chromoly roll cage has been installed inside the fox body Mustang.

To cope with street driving and the unique stresses of the True Street class, both the fuel cell and ice cell had to be made large enough to handle three consecutive quarter mile passes. We look forward to seeing this spectacular machine on track soon! For more information on the car and to see the complete build album visit

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