Pulling pranks at a fast food drive-up window is nothing new (after all, who can forget the load of pranksters rapping their way through dinner orders?), but what happens if you’re faced with a prankster that’s so good at disguising himself that it’s you who thinks you’ve lost your mind in the end? Well, that’s the case with 24-year-old Rahat Hossain. In fact, his prank is so good that it got him a spot on The Ellen Show recently. Check out why in the video above.

We can imagine that taking people’s orders and serving food through a window all day can get rather boring, but there’s nothing boring about opening up that window and finding yourself faced with an empty vehicle, well, at least so you think. In actuality, the car is probably occupied by someone like Hossain, who as a Virginia magician, pranks his peers by blending into his car’s driver seat so well that it’s like he doesn’t exist.

While Hossain’s car seat costume is nothing more than some cardboard covered in fabric, it never fails to surprise curious on-lookers when faced with an “un-manned” vehicle. In fact, Hossain’s costume is so convincing that he even dupes a valet parking attendant into thinking that his car is driving all on its own. And we couldn’t help but laugh at the reactions of some unsuspecting drive-thru employees Hossain tricked.

In the end, it isn’t Hossain who gets the last laugh, however. But we’ll let you laugh your way through the video above to find out why.