Case Of the Mondays: If Every Hollywood Car Was Made Into One


As a generation of gear heads that grew up watching cars on TV and in movies, we’ve all come to know certain “Star Cars” when we see them. Everyone and their brother can spot the General Lee,  and The Back to the Future DeLorean, but only true Star-Car junkies can recognize nearly every popular car they’ve ever seen on screen.

When we spotted this outstandingly cool photoshopped mashup over on we immediately started to dissect it’s internals and see if we could pull everything out. The process lead to a three hour discussion that we’re sure you’re likely to have as well as we’ve finally settled on identifying a total of 7 Star Cars, and it was a million times more fine than trying to find Waldo.

The first car identified is that of the Mad Max V8 Interceptor via the right headlight, hood scoops, and the fake blower. Moving just a tad to the right in the photo identifies K.I.T.T. from Knight Rider via the red scanner in the grille. Staying on the front end of the car, we next identified Herbie the Love by the red, white, and blue hood stripe with half of the number 53 gumball shown.

The left headlight, front left wheel and fender, and the Mr. Fusion on the roof are all clearly that of The Back To the Future DeLorean, and the driver’s door and front plate are obviously off of the General Lee. The largest part of the car is the center section and tail, which are clearly that of the ’59 “ECTO-1” Caddilac from the Ghostbusters. Finally, the last Star Car we identified is that of the giant speaker on the roof that was used in just a few scenes on the Bluesmobile from the Blues Brothers.



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Robert Kibbe is the owner of and host of the weekly Muscle Car Place podcast show. He's based in Ames, IA, is married with 3 kids, and still thinks the General Lee is cool.
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