Case of The Mondays: Top Ten Futuristic Movie Cars Revealed

A new forum post series on is getting members more involved for the summer season. The Question of the Day series being executed on Jalopnik poses a question for forum members every day of the summer. The following day, the top ten answers from the previous question are revealed and posted for everyone to see. Of course, coming from Jalopnik, the questions are car related. Recently, a question about the best futuristic movie cars was posed and we must say, the results weren’t what we expected.

The list of top ten answers includes either pictures or movie clips of the futuristic car. Jalopnik has also gone a step further and responded to the suggestions by posting why they think the car makes the cut.

Some of the top ten answers to the question were rather surprising. I expected K.I.T.T. and the Delorean from Back to the Future to easily make the list. To my surprise, they were beaten out by at least ten other cars.

Included in the list are cars such as The Wraith’s Dodge Turbo Interceptor, the Light Runner from TRON and the Lexus from Minority Report. Most surprising about the list are the cars from movies decades old, like from It Started with a Kiss from 1959.

We know that forum members are the ones who came up with these answers. However, we think that some members were a bit misinformed about what “cool” is. We’ll give it to some of the participants, though, and agree that the top pick of Mad Max’s Pursuit Special is pretty awesome.

While we may not understand why some of the futuristic cars were chosen for the top ten, the list did bring to light movies I had never heard of or had at least forgotten about. We look forward to seeing the Question of the Day series continue and can’t wait to see what questions will be posed in the future.

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