Hot Rodding is all about individual style. Rat Rodding – if that’s even a proper adjective – is all about individual style while using a conglomerate of various bits and pieces from all makes and models of automobiles. Rat Rodders have a way of melding, blending, merging and melting a hundred different flavors and components from as many different cars while making it look just plain cool. As a branch of the Rat Rodding community, the VolksRod guys have taken to the theme like a duck to water.

Cherry Bomb recently posted some awesome pics of an equally un-cherried VolksRod that was captured at Chilhowee Park in Knoxville, Tennessee. The uniquely crafted ride is goin’ fenderless like any good ’30 roadster should too. Slathered in matte black paint, white, red and black hand-applied pin striping, tall red steel wheels with polished center caps and rolling on tall white walls only complete the package. Inside is equally cool with all Mexican-blanket upholstery and little else. Touting Cherry Bomb’s performance Vortex mufflers – over the glass packs – which both essentially have the same straight-through design, the Vortex allows for more gas expansion, and will reduce the sound level a bit more over the glass packs.