We spotted this collection of long-forgotten old school Mopars over at Moparts and immediately had our hearts broken faster than those television advertisements of abused and abandoned dogs purposely-designed to make you feel incredibly depressed and rotten for not adopting all 40 of them.

While scanning over these small snapshots, we spotted a heart-wrenching site, a dilapidated Vitamin C Orange ’70 AAR ‘Cuda. While all of these E-Bodies in the above image are worth their weight in gold to the willing Mopar lover, the rare AAR seen here hurts all the more as similar 340 Six-Pack-equipped ‘Cudas can run up to six-digits in top notch auctions.

This image is a sad sight, as a dozen B-Body Mopars sit stacked one on top of each other. Already we can spot three third-generation Chargers, some a couple of ’68 or ’69 Plymouth Satellites (which of course, could also be Road Runners or GTX’s – depending on their trim level), and many more that are too obscured to identify. As these cars become more and more rare, salvage yards like these will become sites for future restorations rather than parts bins.