Craigslist Find: Half Car, Half Truck, Full Tilt Ugly

Years ago a man named Craig started a free site that he called “Craigslist”. He allowed users all over the country to use it, sometimes in other countries, too. Everyone loved it, and they got to buy and sell things that they found on this wonderful site. People sold clothing, toys, tools, furniture and more often than not people sold some very strange stuff that qualifies for to be called pure junk.

The site grew to massive proportions and you could find everything and anything on Craigslist, including cars and car parts. Every once in a while we peruse the Craigslist auto sections to see if we can find anything interesting. Occasionally, there will be a pretty cool collector car, or an overpriced classic that someone is willing to let go for an unreasonable amount of money.

But sometimes we come across vehicles that have been customized, and the creative soul who did the custom work proudly displays the work he created and asks a modest fee for his work of art. If he’s especially proud, he will go into great detail about his creation, giving you all the sordid bits of information that you will need should you ever have to explain to your friends what you bought, because as is with the case of this monstrosity, there’s just no way of describing it without a cheat sheet.

We now give you one of the dumbest looking vehicles to grace the pages of Craigslist, with the title of “1962 International Rat Rod”. You can probably imagine our expectations, being gearheads and all that, when we saw that title. Then imagine our thoughts when we found a Grand Am with a truck cab plastered to it. It’s amazing what some people will call a “Rat Rod”.  His price of $3000 is firm, but we’re not sure if that’s what you pay to buy it or what he pays for you to haul it away, and give it a proper burial.

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Michael Harding

Michael is a full time Power Automedia writer and automotive enthusiast who doesn’t discriminate. Although Mopar is in his blood, he loves any car that looks great and drives even faster.
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