Dakota Digital Links Up To Share Info With EFI Conversions

DDEFIBIMthumbThere’s an abundance of aftermarket performance parts for our classic cars, and typically many of those parts work well with other performance parts. You don’t always have to buy a set of headers from the same company who makes your cylinder heads; you can buy an intake from yet another manufacturer and not have any overlap or duplication of parts.

But when you’re talking about the vitals of that engine, the more you modify your car to have all the latest technology, that’s when you run into that overlapping of parts. For example, your temperature gauge needs its own sender that can’t be shared with the temperature sender you use for your EFI conversion. Add an electric cooling fan, and you’ve got a third sender – all just to read the coolant temperature. But now, Dakota Digital has a solution for those who’ve crossed over to the EFI side of induction with its new EFI expansion modules.

When it comes to reading the data that our engines and transmissions are throwing out to us, Dakota Digital has been capturing that data with its series of electronic and digital gauges for decades. And now they’ve worked with leading EFI conversion kit manufacturers to virtually “share” that data to eliminate redundancy of data being read.

Currently available for FAST XFI, Holley EFI, and MSD Atomic EFI TBI conversions, these expansion modules, or BIMs (Bus Interface Module), include harnesses that plug directly into the EFI system to share data collected by the EFI computer. That data, in turn, is sent directly to your Dakota Digital gauges via the BIM. This means one temperature sender for your EFI and your Dakota Digital water temperature gauge. You can even control your cooling fans using the same data with Dakota Digital’s Electric Fan Controller, another add-on BIM.

The FAST XFI (BIM-01-2-FAST) interface collects:

  • Tachometer
  • Engine Coolant Temperature
  • Oil Pressure
  • Fuel Pressure
  • Air/ Fuel Ratio

The Holley EFI (BIM-01-2-HLLY) and MSD Atomic EFI TBI (BIM-01-2-MSD) interfaces collect:

  • Tachometer
  • Engine Coolant Temp
  • Intake/ Manifold Temp.
  • Fuel Pressure
  • Air/ Fuel Ratio

The EFI Interface Modules include a Y-harness that plugs into the respective EFI system to capture data that can be displayed on Dakota Digital instrumentation.

In addition to the FAST XFI interface, those using the TCI Automotive EZ TCU transmission controller will also be able to capture speedometer and gear position. With Each BIM, that data can be read either on the gauge that corresponds with the information, or it can be accessed in the information display on VFD3 rev. G, VHX and HDX control box instrument systems.

While some information is shared, the EFI BIMs eliminate multiple sending units, while also providing valuable data that would otherwise not be accessible without other additions and modifications.

The EFI modules are currently compatible with FAST XFI systems, Holley Terminator, HP, or Dominator systems, and MSD Atomic TBI EFI systems only. To find out more about the EFI Interface Modules, visit the Dakota Digital website, and click on the module that matches your EFI conversion system.


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