eBay Find: 1964 Plymouth Savoy HEMI 4-Speed Tribute Car

Screen Shot 2013-05-21 at 12.48.06 PMToday’s eBay Find brings us this beauty of a ’64 Plymouth Savoy. It started life as a regular Savoy, but what’s truly cool is what the owner has had done to it. This car’s engine brings with it an awesome 472 cubic inch HEMI capable of 648 hp, giving this particular Savoy a certain performance margin that’s sure to blow the socks off of its competition.

Screen Shot 2013-05-21 at 12.48.55 PMThis elephant was built with the period-correct cross-flow manifold and dual quads, with some modern touches, such as the front disc brakes for better braking, and the Flowmaster mufflers.

The Savoy was built by none other than Bob Mosher, the legendary Mopar master of Monrovia, California. His skills are well-represented here, with the fierce dedication to attention to detail, and the intricate nut-and-bolt perfection. 

It really comes together with the interior: a glossy crimson composition of leather, chrome, and aluminum, with classic gauges and modern touches in the pedals, and hole-punched seat mounts for shaving a little weight wherever possible. The radio and heater delete options are reminiscent of drag race cars from this era.

Screen Shot 2013-05-21 at 12.48.32 PMThis beast is built from the ground up as a tribute to the awesome mid-60s superstock drag-racing Mopars. In 1964, the HEMI made it’s NASCAR debut and blew through the Daytona 500 that year, sweeping first, second, third, and fourth places. So devastating was the HEMI, that NASCAR had to reconsider the HEMI as a competition motor, and decided to have it barred from Plymouth’s racecars until it was offered to the common consumer. 

The owner of this Savoy clearly takes pride in the presentation of his prized Savoy, having had it painted in a vintage, 1964 Plymouth red, with the correct red interior, as well. The starting bid is at just $35,000 with a reserve, but we’ve seen similar cars sell for a bit more at times. The listing states less than 25k miles since the build took place, and just a short time is left before this beauty is off the market.

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