Old Plymouth Barracudas are getting hard to find, but something like this vintage gasser is even more rare. Despite beating the Mustang to market by 16 days, back in 1964, the Barracuda never really gained much traction in the sixties.

Traction, however, is not likely a problem for this particular example on eBay. The 440cui engine has been modified with a tunnel ram intake manifold and a pair of Holley 450 quads, so the power is there on demand. The Chrysler 727 automatic transmission has been beefed up with a 2800rpm stall converter, and the back end houses an 8-inch Ford rear axle by Speedway, with 3.55 gears and a spool.

In true gasser fashion, this Barracuda comes with fender well headers and mufflers built into the collectors. According to the listing, the car also comes with new rear leaf springs, a new Vega steering gear and new front disc brakes.

From the photos, the car appears to be in good overall condition visually. The car did not sell in its first attempt. The asking price was $9,500, but bidding the car up to $7,100 did not release the reserve bid.

Contact information is provided in the listing, in case you want to check whether this Gasser is likely to be relisted. From a performance perspective, all of the basics are there, and there’s little doubt that an entry like this would draw lots of eyeballs at any nostalgia drag event.

This listing is worth a look, even if just to see what you’re missing.