eBay Find Of The Day: Ever Heard of a ’70 Torino Type N/W

1970 Torino Type N/W packs a 429 Cobra Jet punch in a subtler coupe package. Images: 10-E.net

It used to be that certain markets or regions had special-edition cars created for a particular promotion. Notable examples of this were the 1966-68 Mustang California Special and the 1970 Twister Special Mustang Mach I and Torino Cobra. A lesser-known variant is the 1970 Ford Torino Type N/W.

All Type N/Ws were Torino hardtops with this stripe. Besides blue, orange and green were available..

Available only in the Northwest, only 395 were built, and this one on eBay is claimed to be one of five built with the 429.

The 1970 Ford Torino (and its cheaper Fairlane 500 compatriot) was all-new for 1970. Gone were the rounded NASCAR-inspired edges of the 1968-69 version, now refined with knife-edge styling.

The sporty variants, the Torino GT and Torino Cobra, had a sharp fastback roofline, but they actually were less aerodynamic than their 1968-69 brethren due to the rear window causing turbulence.

Regardless, the whole Torino line was a looker and offered something for every buyer, whether it was economy (Fairlane 500 and, come mid-year, Falcon), basic transportation (Torino), sportiness (Torino GT), muscle (Torino Cobra), or luxury (Torino Brougham).

Ford’s mid-size offering was the perfect representative for a new decade where GM and Chrysler offered face-lifted models, so their Northwest dealer association devised a promotion to publicize the new car.

Aside of the stripe and hood, the Type N/W was a regular-production Torino hardtop.

Starting with a Torino two-door hardtop and offered only in Pacific Blue, Oregon Orange, and Wilderness Green (otherwise known as Grabber Blue, Orange, and Green for regular Ford offerings), they came with blacked-out hoods complete with hood pins, dual racing mirrors, rocker panel racing stripes boasting “TORINO N/W,” Wide Ovals, and argent styled wheels.

Only 601 were planned according to the period ad but, according to the Marti Auto (who is licensed by Ford to digitize past production records), only 395 were built.

This Pacific Blue Type N/W is one of the few equipped with the 429 Cobra Jet motor and a 4-speed, which means it comes with the 9-inch nodular rear with 31-spline axle.

What makes this car even more interesting is that only 12 Torino two-door hardtops were built with the non-ram air Cobra Jet (coded “C” in the VIN) and a four-speed – that’s for ALL Torinos in the US, not just Type N/Ws.

Compare this to 509 Torino Cobras built with the same engine/tranny combo. It’s very unusual to find a performance motor on a non-performance model, so this Torino has a one-two punch in regards to desirability. With motor and tranny, regional special status, and great color, it has all the ingredients of a great collectible.

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