eBay Find: Rare 426 Hemi Dodge 330 Lightweght Factory Drag Car

The factory-built Chrysler drag cars pioneered by the Ramchargers in the mid-1960s are the stuff of legends among die-hard Mopar fans. Most of them lived a hard life on drag strips throughout America, and as hard as it may be to believe, a few of these beauties do still survive to this day. Most of the survirors are tucked away safe in collectors’ warehouses or museums, but we stumbled across this particular pristine red-on-red example on eBay of all places.

It’s an ultra-rare 1964 Dodge 330 Hemi Lightweight that is fully documented and has undergone and extensive restoration. The “Lightweight” 330s were called such because of their aluminum hood, doors, front fenders, and radiator support – very trick parts for the day, and the fact that they were produced by the factory made them just all the more desirable. The 425 horsepower rated 426 Hemi is still mated to a 4-speed manual trans just the way it came from Dodge, and it’s believed to be one of just 61 Hemi-equipped factory built lightweight drag racers that were built by Dodge in 1964.  

According to the original dealer invoice, the car was bought through Steward Motors in Clarksville, Georgia in June of 1964 for just $3,955. Today the 330 is being offered for sale by Ray Skillman Collector Car Sales in Greenwood, Indiana, and they have the 330 Lightweight currently listed on eBay with a Buy It Now asking price of $200,000, with the option to submit a “Best Offer”.

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