It speaks volumes to the confidence that FAST has in their EZ-EFI Self-Tuning Fuel Injection System that the company is now including a limited lifetime warranty. Developed 100-percent in-house by a full-time staff of engineers, FAST’s continually-updated and improved EZ-EFI has been installed by thousands of hot rodders and muscle car owners with tremendous results.

Considered as one the safest, easiest carburetor-to-fuel injection swaps available, the self-tuning EZ-EFI now touts a new warranty protecting the system for life, offering you considerable peace of mind when it comes to choosing which fuel injection system to use to replace your carburetor setup. Available in dual quad, multi-port and 8-stack systems, FAST’s EZ-EFI features unobstructed bores for more airflow, and cooperates with with any ignition system.

Since the EZ-EFI features cutting-edge intelligent self-tuning software, the FAST system can adapt with upgraded cams and other horsepower-gaining modifications, and with its simple handheld and setup wizard, getting your newly fuel-injectioin-equipped machine up and running with ease and speed. That’s right, no tuning experience or laptop computer required.

Now with this warranty, FAST’s EZ-EFI is one of safest choices when it comes to swapping your outdated carbureted induction with advanced EFI technology. What are you waiting for?