First Crush: A Reality Show About Your First Car From Dan Woods

fc-danwoods1Most of us can remember our first car; we remember not only where we got it, but how much it cost and also the first thing we did with that car. For many of us, that first car may have been a hand-me-down from Grandma, or we had a part time job and raised money to pay for it. That first car was our rite of passage, it gave us the freedom to come and go as we please, and to do so without asking someone else to give us a ride.

fc04Most of us were in love with our first car, because it was ours – we owned it. It was the result of hard work, dedication and pride. We cleaned it up, polished the oxidized paint, and vacuumed up the interior. We worked on it day and night so we could show it off. It was our “first crush” and we spent all of our free time with it. And that first car crush is the premise behind a new reality show, created by Dan Woods.

Dan Woods is one of the guys that we regularly see on television talking about cars – and about fixing them. He’s the CEO of WAS Productions, Inc., and was the producer for Chop Cut Rebuild and Street Tuner Challenge, as well as other shows we’ve seen on the former SPEED channel. We’ve seen him at SEMA with a car that was built on his show, and he’s been at many car shows – often handing out “Best of Show” awards to the deserving winners. You can now find Chop Cut Rebuild on MAVTV, and his new series called Dan’s Garage, a show that takes place in his own garage, can be found on the web. Dan’s Garage is a show about hanging out in the garage, and shares garage improvement tips and simple, cost effective repairs.

See anything you like? You might walk out of the yard... or you could drive out if you win.

First Crush – A New Reality Show Where You Can Win A Used Car

Woods has been keeping himself busy lately, and he is now on a casting call for contestants for a new reality show called First Crush. It’s a true reality series for someone who is in dire need of their first car. The show’s premise is based around four contestants who will compete for a car that will become their first car ever at the end of the show. Hosting the show is none other than Willie B., host of KBPI’s morning show in Denver, and one of the participants at the KBPI Open Track Day at High Plains Raceway in Colorado this year.


The car you win won’t be a brand new car, but it will be your car that you earned, and it will only cost you time and effort. Not a bad trade off!

The idea behind First Crush is that sometimes it’s just no fun to show up for a date in Mom’s minivan, or to have your dad drive you to the mall to meet friends, or to wait on a bus to get you to work. When you are ready for your first car, what can you do? Well, First Crush can help you get that car. But it’s a competition, so you have to be prepared to work for that car. Yes, you have to earn it by beating our three other competitors.

Open to male or female contestants, First Crush does have some rules behind it. You must be a US Citizen, between 18-25 years old, and you must not have ever had a car registered in your name – this is a competition to own your very first car. It is also recommended that you have some mechanical ability – you will be around cars for the competition.

The winner of the competition won’t get the keys to a brand new car, but it will be a car of their very own, and one they can be proud of. The show will be awarding the winners with one of several used cars, but those who don’t win will get to see their car get crushed.


Willie B. is going to be calling the shots and hosting First Crush.

So how will they compete for this car? There will be obstacles that they must get around. The four contestants are sent into a heap of cars at a local wrecking yard, and they’ll test their skills and knowledge. This is where that mechanical ability comes in.

There will be tests: can they drive backwards? Can they maneuver through a course blindfolded? Of course, they must be licensed drivers and they must know how to drive, so the more each contestant knows about cars the better their chances are.

The first show will be filming in October, and it will be at a popular wrecking yard in the Sun Valley, California, area – you will get dirty, so don’t plan to show up dressed to impress. It promises to be a challenging experience for those who are willing, and rewarding for one lucky winner.

If you’re interested in competing for your first car, or know someone who is, here are the Submission Guidelines:

fclogoSend an email to: with the following information:
Subject: First Crush — [Your Name]
In the body of the email, include:
1. Your Full Name
2. Your primary phone number
3. Your address
4. Your age
5. Your Occupation
6. The link to your YouTube video

They request that you don’t include any attachments, but do include a link to your YouTube or Vine video, one minute in length, explaining why you need your first car. Good luck!

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