Found In The Weeds: 1965 Chevy Impala SS 396

Whenever you see a car sitting under some trees, amongst the weeds, the first thing that comes to mind is whether the car is a keeper, or whether it’s there because nobody wanted it and it was more costly to get rid of it than to keep it. Many of the cars we’ve seen were rather blah, no worries, let it rot alone.

But then you find one that make you scratch your head asking why it was left there to die a dismal death when there are so many people who would love to have the car and restore it. We found this 1965 SS 396 Impala on and it’s one of those cars that never should have been left to rot.

Looking to be almost too far gone and supposedly forgotten, this 4 speed close-ratio 425 horse Impala has been sitting untouched for close to 20 years, and even though the owner has no plans to do anything with it, he doesn’t have any desire to sell it. What a shame that is, because this is definitely one car that should have been saved from the weeds at least 15 years ago.

It’s one thing to let an AMC Matador rust away in a field, but a ’65 SS 396 Impala? Can you imagine how many people would love to have a 425 horse SS 396 4-speed to restore and show off at the car show circuit? It must be nice to have a stash of cars that you can call your own, and not worry about their condition. This car is in Indiana, no telling if the own can be persuaded to change his mind, but we’ll bet there are quite a few of you who are willing to try.

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Michael is a full time Power Automedia writer and automotive enthusiast who doesn’t discriminate. Although Mopar is in his blood, he loves any car that looks great and drives even faster.
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