From New To Old: Chrysler 300C SRT8 Converted Into ’69 Charger

Critics of the new Chargers love to point out how they are 4-door sedans that don’t really resemble the models of the ‘60s the way the Camaro and Mustang do. Well, the owner of this converted Mopar sure took care of those problems, and has created what has to be one of the most well done modern-classic conversions we’ve seen to date.  

I guess we need to take a small step back here, because believe it or not, this converted Charger actually started life as a 2006 Chrysler 300C SRT8, and not an actual Dodge Charger. We discovered this car on a Canadian Performance forum called Amateures de Beaux Chars – which hilariously translates to “Lovers of Beautiful Tanks.” There we learned that over the course of 3,000-plus hours of labor several authentic charger body panels including the roof, quarter panels and front fenders were hand grafted on to the 300C’s chassis. After a bit more digging, we found even more pics of the Charger posted to the Mopar or No Car Facebook page.

But rather than deal with manual brakes and steering and stripped down interiors of yesteryear that so many of us actually love, this conglomerate beast has all the modern amenities that new Mopar owners get to enjoy in addition to the head-turning style of a classic. The stock SRT8 Brembos can still be seen peeking through the vintage inspired 20-inch Boss 338 5-spoke wheels, and the interior is still as plush as it was when it left the factory in ’06. The powerful 6.1L Hemi still resides under the hood as well

Now to be honest – we’ve seen a lot of these modern-to-retro conversions that really miss the mark. However, this is NOT one of them. Let us know what you think in the comments below.   

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