It turns out that not everything was flooded in Australia last month as the annual Victorian Hot Rod Show was held on time again! The show is held in Melbourne’s beautiful Exhibition Building, and the type of muscle cars, hot rods, and custom bikes there were all as wild as can be. In addition, the majority of the show cars have all been painted beyond belief in true “mild to wild” fashion. As with all major car shows there were many vendors present and made it an enjoyable show for those with a car there, those building cars, and onlookers as well.

With all of the bad news of natural disaster damage coming out of Australia we’re glad to see some good news for a change. The flooding, which has been described “disaster of Biblical proportions,” by Queensland’s State Treasurer and compared to an “inland Tsunami” hit coastal and regional Victoria in Australia.  According to the Herald Sun, People have been literally swept away by the floods, and waters have invaded many homes.

We love the fact that people still came together for a hot rod show, despite the conditions, and it’s a true testament to the will of the hot rodder to press on despite negative circumstance.