Get More From Your Ecoboost with SCT’s New Tuning Software

The Ford Ecoboost engine is perfect for those drivers looking for better fuel economy without sacrificing power and torque, and now SCT is making it even easier to get more out of your Ecoboost-equipped F150 with their new Advantage III custom tuning software and pre-loaded Ecoboost programmers. Whether you’re looking to run your truck on 87-octane fuel or something a little bit heftier, the new SCT Ecoboost custom tuning software and pre-loaded Ecoboost vehicle programmers will give you dyno-proven results that won’t let you down whether you’re cruising around or hauling a load.

The new custom tuning software and Ecoboost tune revisions for the SCT SF3 pre-loaded programmer were created to give your truck more power and torque without sacrificing reliability and driveability. With the new Advantage III software, SCT dealers can now offer custom tuning to their customers with an SCT Power Flash programmer.

For those individuals who own a SCT SF3 pre-loaded programmer, the new tuning options from SCT are simple and affective.

With three Pre-Loaded Performance tunes for 87, 91 and 93-octane fuels, as well as User Adjustable Tune Options for areas like tire size and axle ratio, Ecoboost F150 owners can get noticeable power gains in just a matter of minutes.

For those truck owners running 87-octane fuel in their rigs, the new pre-loaded revisions can add up to 35 rear wheel horsepower and 66 ft-lbs of torque. Running fuel that’s a little more octane-packed? Well, the 93-octane pre-loaded tune can add up to 51 horsepower and an astonishing 108ft-lbs of torque.

In addition to the added power and torque, the new SCT pre-loaded programmer revisions can increase your truck’s throttle response and shift firmness, remove the top speed limiter and raise the RPM rev limiter. And even better, the upgrade to do all this is completely free for all SCT SF3 pre-loaded programmer owners.

Pre-Loaded Programmer Benefits:

  • Pre-loaded tunes for 87, 91 and 93-octane fuel use
  • Adjust axle ratio from stock to a 4.56 gear ratio
  • Adjust Tire REVs per mile from stock to 900 REVs per mile
  • Adjust speed limiter from 20mph to removed
  • Adjustable REV limiter for neutral and drive
  • Adjustable idle speed for neutral and drive
  • Adjustable shift points for all gears from -3mph to +7mph

Getting the most out of a vehicle is important to people in general but you bought a new Ecoboost truck to get even more out of your driving experience. Now thanks to SCT, your Ecoboost benefits don’t end there.

To get your Advantage III custom tuning package, contact your local SCT sales representative. And to get your free pre-loaded programmer upgrade, connect to SCT’s Auto Update server.

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