Goodguys 1st Fall Del Mar Super Sundays

If you’ve ever been to a Goodguys event, you’re sure to get your belly’s worth of some of the country’s greatest car builds, and an eye-full of an amazing display of car vs. car action on the autocross, all while meeting some great, like-minded folks along the way. In all honestly, it’ll take a good part of the day, just to traipse through a field of cars as far as the eye can see. Then, if there’s time just kick back at the autocross track for a jaw-dropping experience as vendors and walk-ins throwdown for the quickest lap.

Unknown to the rental car agency, this fearless driver illustrated that even a V6 rental convertible mustang can compete, too!

The best way to experience all of what Goodguys has to offer means hitting up the entire weekend! Up until recently, though, the grounds were limited to a specific year and cut off any late-model vehicles.

The good news is, Goodguys recognized the need to involve late-model vehicles and devotes an entire day to them on the Sunday of selected events.

What’s The Haps?

Over the past weekend, we scoured the Del Mar Fairgrounds at the 1st Fall Del Mar event. While much of the powerTV team hit up Saturday to catch the kickoff at the autocross event and to walk the endless aisles of top-notch car builds, Sunday is where it was at!

With the 1st Fall Del Mar being selected to host “Super Sunday,” (welcoming late model American powered cars and trucks to participate on Sunday of a National event) we couldn’t wait to see what late-model owners would bring to the tables.

Spectators couldn't get enough of the autocross action and drew people from all over the fairgrounds.

What’s more, the autocross was full of them, too! The Del Mar autocross had everything from C4 ‘Vette’s, mod-motor Mustangs, a ’11 V6 rental Mustang, and even a ’11 Lucra (LC470), which is powered through an entire Corvette drivetrain.

The turnout exceeded expectations, offering an entire new group of Goodguys and gals a fantastic day with their ride. Participants and event event-goers, too, were clamoring to the fence line to drool over all the autocross action.

That’s not all either, see a car you’d like to go for a ride in? Not a problem, chum it up with any number of the drivers and they’re bound to give you a ride on the track. All you got to do is ask!

This somewhat long-bodied kit car is anything but! The LS-powered LC470 handled the autocross course with ease and made its tight hairpins look like long-handed sweepers. Of course, with Dave Pozzi (Husband of Mary Pozzi) behind the wheel, its no wonder!

The LC470 displayed just a tad bit of oversteer while exiting the first hairpin during the Goodguys 1st Fall Del Mar autocross. Pozzi was sure to reign in some steering angle to keep the car dialed in.

Come One, Come All Late Models!

If you own a late model American powered car or truck and would like to participate in any of the Super Sunday Get-Together’s it’s really easy! Just show up to the event and register right at the show Sunday Morning! Race all day, as long as you want or until the event ends. Each run is timed, which means, the more you run the better you have to work on your times. With speeds topping out at about 35-40mph, it’s still safe although you may eat a cone or two in the process.

The weekend drew thick crowds of happy show-goers who had nothing but great things to say, good things to eat, and a ton of cars to see. Aisles and even the hangars, too, were full of one-off vehicles, and custom builds.

As Goodguys Communications Director, John Drummond put it, “It was a really nice weekend and a good first time event! We registered over 1,200 cars and had a weekend crowd of 40,000. A very good start!” We couldn’t agree more.

That’s not all either, since Goodguys is ramping up for next year with even more “Super Sunday Get-Together.” Again, these programs for the new 2012 season will welcome all years, makes, and models of American made or American powered vehicles to 17 Goodguys national events on Sunday-only.

Make sure to stay tuned, we’ll have the entire event coverage of the 1st Fall Del Mar event up shortly, including tons of images and results from the Goodguys autocross.

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