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Sometimes your car just needs a little bit of Oomph and that’s where Hose Candy comes in. The Oomph Labs Hose Candy line offers turbo and vacuum hose quick-coupler systems that can give your car improved performance, efficiency and looks in just minutes. We all love a little bit of pizzazz under the hoods of our vehicles, so why not join the hundreds of fans that have already “Liked” Hose Candy on Facebook?

Oomph Labs is dedicated to giving your car something a little bit extra. Featuring items that improve the performance and look of your vehicle is key and the driving force behind the company’s Hose Candy line. Whether you’re looking for a quick way to couple your vacuum or pressure-activated components, quickly connect diagnostic equipment or just give your engine a little bit of color, Hose Candy has you covered.

Just like their Hose Candy product line, Oomph Labs has created a Facebook page that gives its fans a little bit extra. In addition to company information, the Hose Candy Facebook page offers the latest industry news, neat videos and awesome pictures of Hose Candy-equipped rides. By becoming a fan of Hose Candy on Facebook, you get access to all this plus exclusive video footage and links to special offers.

If you “Like” Hose Candy on Facebook, you also have a chance at winning a cool Hose Candy t-shirt. All you have to do is help the company grow on the social media site by becoming a fan and you could get yourself some nice Hose Candy swag.

You already love the Hose Candy line, so there’s no reason not to become a fan on Facebook. Get access to exclusive content, connect with other automotive enthusiasts and have a chance at picking up a free shirt. How much better can it get?

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