Horsepower Wars – New Automotive Show Features $10k Drag Challenge

Following up on the success of the LS vs. Coyote Shootout, Power Automedia has officially announced that they will bring a new, original automotive show series, dubbed Horsepower Wars, to just about every platform known to man in 2018—including a new Horsepower Wars central hub. The series is set to follow in the style of the LS vs. Coyote Shootout, pitting platforms and teams head-to-head in a brawl to see who’s best—whether that be on the dyno, road course, or quarter-mile. But this time around, it’s more than just two engines going at it.

While the initial series was available on YouTube and several of Power Automedia’s digital magazines, this time around will be a whole new ball game. With 360-degrees of coverage, every challenge will be publicized in video, digital articles, and in print across 15 digital magazines, 5 print magazines, and several access points where you can watch teams compete. Behind-the-scenes articles will show you what happened when the cameras weren’t rolling and give you a real look at the team’s strategies and the tech that supported them.

But what are these teams competing in exactly? Well, Power Automedia has several challenges planned, but some of the most exciting are the $10K Drag Race Shootout and Part 2 of the LS vs. Coyote challenge—this time with boost. Summit Racing has signed on as the official mail order partner of the series and will be providing teams with the necessary parts to allow them to go head-to-head.

$10K Drag Racing Shootout

For the $10K Drag Race Shootout, three teams, each with five crew members, will be given $3,000 to purchase a car and Summit Racing will provide $7,000 worth of gift cards that allow each crew to pick and choose from the distributor’s extensive selection of go-fast goodies. On top of that, there will be surprise bonuses and setbacks throughout the challenge, so you’re not going to want to miss it.

The teams have 10 days to build as fast as they can and lay down the fastest e.t. possible—crap talking and infighting are sure to ensue. Whomever averages the best times across multiple passes, and handles sleep deprivation best, will be crowned the winner and get to keep their car. The other two rides will be given to viewers who guess closest to the car’s best e.t.—meaning you could actually walk away with a Horsepower Wars drag car of your very own.

LS Vs. Coyote Part 2: Boost

Due to the overwhelming popularity/infamy of the LS vs. Coyote Shootout, it’s officially back for part two, but this time with boost. Two engines, each allotted a $15,000 budget, will be constructed by specialists of each platform—ensuring no biases creep through. The types of power adder, internals, and displacement are to be determined, but at the end of it all, we will officially know which takes boost better.

As with last time, the winner will be crowned based on both peak horsepower and overall power production. But remember, cost is a concern here, as both will have to stay under the $15,000-mark including whatever source of boost they choose. Will it turn out the same with the LS walking away with the win, or will the Coyote shine under pressure? You’ll have to tune in to find out.

More To Come

And that’s just the tip of the iceberg. More challenges in the Horsepower Wars series are already on their way—and trust us, they will be just as intense. Want to find out how to apply to be one of the teams that compete in the Power Automedia Tech Garage for intergalactic brand supremacy? Head on over to for more details.

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