Do you have an early GM muscle car with a small block Chevy engine and have trouble finding performance headers that fit without hitting the steering box?  This is a common problem with muscle cars that incorporate the Saginaw close ratio steering box.  Hedman Hedders has the answer.  Their new line of Hot Rodz headers address this problem and give GM muscle car fans a performance option over the stock headers.

Marc Lewis of Hedman Hedders explained how these headers would benefit the early model GM crowd; “These headers give a lot more flexibility to the car owners by giving them a part that is designed for their application and not just something that is made to just kind of fit.”

Watch the video of Hedman’s new Hot Rodz Headers for close ratio steering boxes here:

By redesigning the already popular early model GM headers in the Hedman Hedders product line, Hedman has changed the fit where close ratio steering boxes and header fit is not an issue.

The days of taking a hammer to your new headers to provide clearance for the steering box are over.  Losing power and looking like a smashed header in order to fit a close ratio steering box is passe’.

Features of the Hot Rodz Headers for close ratio steering box:

  • Easy installation with no adjustments needed.
  • Maximum gains in power over stock exhaust manifold.
  • Available in long tube or short tube versions.
  • Available uncoated or with Hedman’s HTC coating.
  • Clears close ratio steering boxes on early GM cars.

Lewis told us that these headers were new to the Hedman Performance Group, and when we went to look them up in the catalog and didn’t find them, we realized how new they were.  Unveiled at the SEMA Tradeshow for the first time, these headers are the latest and greatest for hot rodders with GM muscle cars and close ratio steering boxes.