How to Haul Your Classic on an RV Trip

So, you’re hitting the open road with family and friends in the comfort of an RV. Lucky you! While caravanning across the USA is an adventure in its own right, you might not want to take the RV down to the grocery store after you’ve found a spot to settle in for the night. Why not tow your classic musclecar along to add some attitude and even a little practicality?

It’s actually not that difficult. If you can get your RV rigged up to plug-ins, you can probably arrange a simple towing setup. Here’s how to go about it.

Before Towing Your Classic

These days, we tend to think of towing as an activity that requires a lifted diesel truck. That is, in fact, not the case.

Not so long ago, people would tow using all sorts of vehicles. It’s entirely plausible that your classic musclecar has even done tow duty itself. RVs may not be the swiftest vehicles on the road, but they typically use torquey diesel engines just like big trucks. That makes them capable tow vehicles.

You should inspect your RV to make sure its brakes are working well and the connections for a trailer are in place and functional. You may not need to use the electrical connections, but it’s best to check them anyway. You should also get familiar with your state’s towing laws.

Towing Methods

The most common method of towing a vehicle is on a trailer. The vehicle will be fully supported, and you’ll have the extra lights and brakes of the trailer. You’ll also keep miles off your tow car. Downsides of this method are an additional cost for the trailer and a little extra weight.

A more affordable method is to use a tow bar, although some states don’t allow this type of towing. The bar hitches to the front end of the vehicle and as long as it’s not extremely heavy, will guide your classic down the road just fine. Just check to make sure this is doable for your particular car, or it could be harmful.

Your third option is to tow using a dolly. This arrangement lands in between the first two in terms of cost, but keeps the stress of towing off your car’s steering components and can avoid adding mileage if you lift the drive wheels onto the dolly.

When Your Classic Tow Car Comes in Handy

Experienced RVers will tell you that driving a nearly 30-foot caravan through a big city is no fun. With your classic musclecar in tow, you turn the tables. Settle in where you like and then take your street machine out for a cruise. You might even decide to stay a few days when it’s this easy to restock your supplies!

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