Drag racers come in all shapes and sizes. Some come in the form of “riced out” imports while others are more of the blown muscle car variety. No matter what they are, they’re fun to watch, especially if their antics are unexpected.

No vehicle represents this later category of sleepers like “The Farm Truck,” an Oklahoma-based 1970 C10 pickup complete with camper topper and mud flaps. Back in 2009, this unusual drag vehicle made its way onto SPEED TV’s “Pinks All Out” program. Think it could hang with a ‘68 Road Runner? Check out the video we found on YouTube above to find out.

If you’re unfamiliar with The Farm Truck, it features a 502cui big block under the hood laced with plenty of nitrous, although you’d never know by looking at the outside. The beat up Chevy is complete with body dents, rusty bumpers and a semi truck horn. Oh, and don’t forget a dog named Louise!

Although it sounds like a riot, the truck is no laughing matter at the track. Hitting the traps at 120 to 125mph, the sleeper is capable of 10-second quarter miles. In fact, at the Memphis, Tennessee “Pinks All Out” event, The Farm Truck through down a 10.53-second quarter mile at 125.56mph.

The 440cui-equipped “Hulk” Road Runner on the other hand is a bit slower, hitting the traps at about 108mph in 12.8 to 12.9 seconds. They may not be likely race vehicles, but they sure are fun to watch! Check out what has to be one of the funniest drag races ever in the video above.