Every year, thousands of car enthusiasts all over the world flock to car shows near and far. This month there’s a new phenomenon coming to Pennsylvania.

George Hurst, along with his team, made building and modifying cars look easy. With their engine, transmission, rearend and brake conversions, they set the standard for true muscle today.

Approximately 350 Hurst-equipped monsters will be on display at the inaugural Hurst Nationals, a Carlisle Events showcase. There will be special Hurst seminars, Hurst-related celebrity guests and engineers. Plus a spectacular display of all things Hurst. All guests attending the Hurst Nationals will also gain entry to the Chrysler Nationals, just across the way at the fairgrounds. Both of these exciting events are sure to be the highlight of your summer.

To top off this weekend’s already fun filled events, Hurst Performance will become the first company to be inducted into the world famous Mopar Hall of Fame. This is an honor beyond recognition!

The first-ever Hurst Nationals will be held at the Expo Center in Carlisle, PA this coming weekend, July 14th and 15th. When you attend, you will be joined by one of George Hurst’s original partners, Bill Campbell and former Hurst engineer, Don Glover.  You will be taken through special moments in hot rod history. Hurst-history Legends such as Bob Riggle, the man known for his quarter mile wheel-standing Hurst Hemi, will also be in attendance.

Don’t forget to enter to win the Hurst Elite Series Sweepstakes Mustang at www.hurst-shifters.com/enter or you can register at the show. Will you be the lucky winner of your own piece of automotive legendry?