Images Of Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson’s Chevelle From “Faster”

Recently, there’s been a new crop of Hollywood flicks featuring grizzled anti-heroes behind the wheel of some of our favorite Detroit-built muscle cars. While we’re always a little terrified when we hear that another 20 Dodge Chargers or a dozen or so Mustangs were trashed in the filming, we still smile ear-to-ear when we see these machines step into the limelight – even if for a second or too. So, when we heard that Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson was finally done making all those stupid kiddie flicks for Disney and stepping back into the action hero role he was born to play, we had to take notice. Titled “Faster” the vigilante-hell-bent-on-revenge-against-another-organized-crime-syndicate is nothing new, in fact, we think Hollywood averages three of these films a year.

Here’s a preview of the film “Faster”

Inside looks like how a street-prepped muscle Chevelle should: all business.

Recently, movie blog, Ain’t it Cool News reported that a local shop, CVS featured two versions of the flat black-and-white striped ’71 Chevelle that served as Johnson’s hero ride. “But, wait!” you’re saying, “That’s a ’70. Look at the headlights!” Believe it or not, a conscious decision was made by the prop department to use ’71 and ’72 Chevelles with reproduction ’70 headlights and grilles as to not damage or destroy any of the considerably more valuable 1970 models. Finally, someone in Hollywood is using their brains. The two versions on display were both the “damaged” stunt version which included bullet holes, dents, scrapes, blood on the driver’s headrest and shattered headlights, as well as the pristine “hero version.”

Proof that "Faster's" prop department used '71 and '72 Chevelles instead of the more valuable '70 model.

The second Chevelle was the "damaged" version including all the dents, bullet holes and blood spattering expected for an action flick.

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