Is this the new 2014 Chevelle?

Is this the new 2014 Chevelle? Photos Courtesy of

We have all seen the new Camaros, Mustangs, and Challengers out on the road. Many of us Chevy people have been sitting and wondering if our beloved Chevelle will be created again. 

We found this site, that seems to have information regarding a possible new Chevelle. We aren’t getting our hopes up though, as the site seems a little funky. Everything on the site is very generic too, giving no real specifics of a new age Chevelle. 

Another rendering of a possible 2014 Chevelle.

Another rendering of a possible 2014 Chevelle.

There is mention of the car receiving a 6.2L LS3 engine, which we think would be appropriate in the car. The site also mentions that the platform might not be a full size car, but more along the lines of Camaro. Perhaps they will share the same chassis, but have a unique body. The details from the site are too generic to nail down any specific plans. 

While the site is named 2014 Chevelle, most of the talk refers to the car actually coming out in 2015. A quick Google search did show a posting from April of 2013 on Jalopnik, citing the Chevelle trademark is moving closer to being finalized. Perhaps the new SS was supposed to be badged as a Chevelle, but GM backed out. 

Whatever the case may be, we aren’t holding our breath on a new Chevelle. Certainly not this one, which seems to look like a remodeled Challenger with some Camaro mixed in. We do hope that Chevy will come out with a new Chevelle. However we want it to be its own unique platform and be different than a redesigned Camaro. If there is a new Chevelle coming out, you can be sure we will be covering it!