Monster Motors and COMP Cams just keep churning out mega Mopar monster motors to satisfy all your horsepower cravings. While they mostly build and modify 440s, strokers and Old and New Gen Hemis, they can push the performance limits of any engine you throw at ’em. CPGNation fills us in on the story.

Founded in Lansing, MI, Mike Ware and buddy Chuck Senatore became known around town for building a wicked fast 9 second Duster and before long they started getting requests to build rods for other people. The guys realized that opportunity was knocking and in 1989, Muscle Motors was born filling a niche in the Chrysler performance market that no one was currently catering to.

Since then, they built their own machine shop, Mike Ware became the sole owner and Muscle Motors became legendary among the Mopar crowd. They haven’t been resting on their laurels either. Check out their recently introduced big-block “King Krate” engine and a soon to be debuted small-block version.

These fire breathing torque monsters pump out over 900 and 800 respectively and you can fill ’em up with pump gas at the local AM/PM. Don’t let the “Krate,” name fool you either. These are engines are fully customizable to any configuration you could possibly dream up.

Partnered with COMP Cams since 1997, Muscle Motors uses COMP Valve Train products exclusively. Check out their websites and see what they got cookin’.