Leaked: Mopar to Build 6.2L Supercharged HEMIs!

The rumor mill has been hard at work lately, giving us and all Mopar fans the hope that a new HEMI engine was in the works for Chrysler. Although rumors can go both ways, Allpar.com is reporting that long-time reliable Mopar source “oh2o” has confirmed that a supercharged 6.2L HEMI is in Chrysler’s near future.

While the cause of the reduction in size from the current 6.4L HEMI (392cui) to the future 6.2L HEMI is unknown, this doesn’t mean the engine will be any less potent.

According to Allpar, the 6.2L engine could boost power up to 540hp, putting it closer to the upcoming Camaro ZL1 and Mustang GT500’s powerhouses, although we speculate a supercharged Gen III HEMI could fare far better than 540HP, as the 7.0L all-aluminum HEMI (426cui) in Mopar’s catalog cranks out 540hp naturally-aspirated.

The future HEMI is set to be used in two cars of the large rear-drive variety. Although oh2o had no comment for Allpar in regards to a rumored future SRT Barracuda being one of those cars, an “insider” has come forward to the Mopar news source with rumors of just that.

No, this isn't what the new Barracuda is expected to look like. In fact, there's talk that the all-new platform won't be skinned in retro steel at all; but it is expected to be a lighter weight, more nimble platform than the Challenger that it's planned to replace.

According to thier source, the SRT Barracuda that is rumored to come 2015 could be the first car to get the new supercharged 6.2L HEMI followed by other SRT models. There is no word on what the rumored addition to the SRT family and Chrysler lineup is going to look like, although “insiders” have told Allpar that it won’t be as “true” to the original as the modern Challenger is to its predecessor.

Although Chrysler has only produced turbocharged engines to date, superchargers have long been favorite power-adders for their engineers. Long-term engine developer for Chrysler, Charles “Pete” Hagenbuch, who developed engines for the company from 1958 to 1987 once argued for the introduction of a supercharger to the Chrysler engine lineup on the 2.2L platform. Although unsuccessful at the time, it looks like Hagen buch’s dream of a supercharged Chrysler will finally happen.

Stay tuned for more information about the 6.2L HEMI and the rumored future Barracuda as more information is released.

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