Photo Courtesy of Livernois Motorsports

As winter is rapidly approaching and racing is essentially done for the year, many guys and gals are tearing down their race machines or street beasts as they await the first events of 2018. For those looking to rework an existing engine or start with an entirely new platform, then it might be worth a few minutes of web surfing to investigate Livernois Motorsports and Engineering‘s engine building services.

Gearheads looking for a company with a dedication to perfection, decades of experience, and competition proven products, then Livernois Motorsports might be the perfect choice for an upcoming rebuild or new project. Their dedication for success in competition comes from their commitment to providing unsurpassed customer service. This commitment is possible thanks to their own engine development facility and machine shop.

In order to get accurate measurements, the Livernois Engine build facility is climate controlled to ensure that the metals are not impacted by heat or cold. Along with the climate control, the facility features a clean room level of perfection in order to achieve a containment free environment to prevent any potential damage to the engines.

In the machine shop, all of honing, boring, and other processes are completed using the latest and greatest equipment available. Essentially, this facility could produce medical equipment thanks to their commitment to technology, training, and cleanliness. Thanks to this combination, Livernois can produce small batches of engines as well as a series of crate style engines. For additional information about engine building or machining services take a few minutes to check out