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QA1 Launches Full-Vehicle Suspension Kits For 1968-74 X-Bodies

New from QA1 – full-vehicle suspension kits for the 1968-74 X-body. These kits take care of handling and drag racing needs, and come available in up to three levels of performance. Check 'em out!Read More


Scott Drake Releases Magstar II Wheels For Classic Shelby Mustangs

New from Scott Drake – Magstar II wheels for the 1967 Shelby Mustang. These are modeled directly after the OE wheels found on these classic muscle cars, and are made from a one-piece cast aluminum structure.Read More


Steele Rubber Products’ Rear Bumper Step Pad Sets For A-Body Wagons

New from Steele Rubber Products – the 1969-72 A-body rear bumper step pad set. These sets are fully molded with brass cores and are designed from originals with the factory-style tread. Check 'em out!Read More


Classic Instruments’ Performance Bezel For AutoCross/Velocity Gauges

New from Classic Instruments – performance bezels for AutoCross/Velocity Gauges. They now come standard and are available in either a matte black or brushed aluminum finish. Check 'em out!Read More


Hotchkis Releases Total Vehicle System For 1967-70 Mustangs

New from Hotchkis – the Total Vehicle System for 1967-70 Mustangs. This kit is designed for better grip through proper camber and caster adjustment, while also lowering the vehicle up to 1.5 inches. Check it out!Read More


Trans Dapt Debuts LS Swap-In-A-Box Kits For 1967-81 F-Bodies

New from Trans Dapt – LS Swap-in-a-box kits for 1967-81 F-bodies. These kits come with everything needed to bolt an LS motor to these classic muscle cars. Check 'em out!Read More


CORSA Launches RSC Exhaust Systems For 2015-16 Charger & Challenger

New from CORSA – RSC exhaust systems for the 2015-16 Dodge Challenger and Charger. Sport and Xtreme Sound kits are available for these late model musclecars. Check 'em out!Read More


ididit Releases Lightweight Pro-Lite Steering Column

New from ididit – the Pro-Lite lightweight steering column. It weighs under six pounds and comes packed with features like self-canceling turn signals, four-way flashers, horn wiring, and more. Check it out!Read More


Classic Instruments Introduces 2 5/8-Inch Gauges

New from Classic Instruments – full sweep and short sweep 2 5/8-gauges. These units come with rugged air-core movement for long-lasting precision and durability, as well as all-new performance-style bezels.Read More


Holley Releases Hooker LS Swap Products for 1968-72 GM A-Body

Holley is proud to announce the release of Hooker's LS swap system for 1968-72 GM A-Bodies. This system makes it easy to drop an LS engine into the popular GM A-Body platform.Read More

Currie PT Rearend

Currie Enterprises Debuts Pro-Touring Full Floating Rearend Package

New from Currie Enterprises – the Pro-Touring full floater kit. This kit uses a profiled billet housing end that accepts a heavy-duty, one-ton bearing pack similar to those found in extreme off-road applications.Read More


Classic Instruments Releases Classic Series Gauges

New from Classic Instruments – Classic Series instruments. These gauges call to mind the days of yesteryear while also having reliability and convenience. Check 'em out!Read More


QA1 Releases 1973-77 GM A-Body Trailing Arms

New from QA1 – trailing arms for the 1973-77 GM A-body. These units offer better traction and more predictable handling to your classic ride, so you can let it rip on whatever patch of dry asphalt you find.Read More


Dakota Digital Unveils VHX Instruments For 1970-74 Challenger/Cuda

New from Dakota Digital – VHX Series instruments for the 1970-74 Challenger and Cuda. These units offer machined rear housings, lighted needles, backlit faces, and more. Check it out!Read More


Total Control Products Offers Custom-Fit Transmission Crossmembers

New from Total Control Products – custom-fit transmission crossmembers. These units come in kits and can be adjusted to suit the user's needs. The crossmembers have a maximum width of 29 inches. Check 'em out!Read More


ARP Introduces Upgraded Bolt Kits For Late-Model Hemi Motors

New from ARP – upgraded bolt kits for late-model 5.7/6.1-liter Hemi engines. These bolt kits cover parts including the intake manifold, headers, and more, and are made from 8740 chrome moly steel. Check 'em out!Read More

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