autorad_radiator_installedIf you’ve seen AutoRad’s radiators and heard what they can do for muscle cars, customs, and classic trucks, then you should have an idea of how their latest offering can benefit your racing rig. With new cores that replace the two rows of 1 1/2″  core with a specially designed 2″ extruded tube, you’re getting a lighter yet stronger core their previous models. That means more cooling capacity without adding tons of weight. 

Official Release:

AutoRad Radiators have an excellent reputation for building high quality, hand-crafted radiators for muscle cars, customs, and classic trucks. They have now applied their years of experience to design a radiator using a purpose built core from the top level racing industry.

These new cores replace the 2 rows of 1 ½” core with a specially designed 2” extruded tube. This makes a lighter yet more durable core than previous models. They can now cool a 1200+ horsepower motor without the need of a thicker, heavier core. This also makes for a more efficient system, balancing the needs of high horsepower, hard to cool cars. As always AutoRad is always ready to answer your questions and help you select the perfect cooling system for you.


  • Lighter yet more durable than previous models
  • More efficient system, balancing the need of a thicker, heavier core