Chevy Hardcore And Street Legal TV Welcomes TriStar Engines


When it comes to building a fast street car, everybody knows that a trouble-free performance engine is the most crucial ingredient. Not only that, but it needs to be built by a competent, well-established shop that you can trust. That’s why we’ve welcomed Tri-Star Engines and Transmissions as our newest sponsor to the Chevy Hardcore and Street Legal TV publications.

Along with complete engines like this 496ci big-block, TriStart also offers short- blocks, and high-performance cylinder heads for the racing enthusiast.

However, before you think these guys simply sell other people’s engines, you better think again. This isn’t some fly by night operation looking to make a quick buck, they’re the real deal.

Tri-Star brings their near 25-year experience in building and rebuilding engines to the table, from OE replacement engines to purpose-built race motors for your drag car. They even specialize in offering crate engines for industrial equipment and marine applications for you boat enthusiasts out there.

Not only do they repair, rebuild, and market fresh engines to the consumer, but they’re also well versed in offering reliable replacement transmissions and differentials to their clientele. These guys are truly a one-stop shop for the enthusiast in need.

Their 90,000 sq. ft. shop utilizes a full-time staff, a manufacturing area, and a warehouse facility. The Tri-Star building is fully-equipped with everything necessary to do the job properly, including CNC and balancing machines, lathes, mag-booths, and probably others that we can’t even think of.

So before you call on Joe Shmoe to build you an expensive engine you hope that you can rely on, why not let Tri Star Engines build you one that you know you can depend on?

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