JMS Chip Releases 2014 Catalog Packed With New Goodies

JMS Chip has added four new product lines to their catalog, covering most popular trucks and modern muscle cars. Whether you need to control fuel, spark, or you need an upgraded fuel system, or a supercharger pulleys, JMS Chip offers a ton of performance parts that can make your modern muscle machine haul the mail. From cooling fans, to intercoolers, and of course, performance chips, JMS has you covered.  

Official Release:

MS Chip & Performance recently released their 2014 Performance Parts Catalog featuring FOUR all new product lines, and more than 20 new product additions. Their popular PowerMAX product has also evolved for 2014 and the new redesign adds; additional voltage, amperage and a host of new features, along with several new plug and play options.

 The JMS 2014 catalog is an excellent resource for late-model domestic performance car and truck owners who are looking for pre-engineered solutions for fuel and spark management. The PowerMAX V2 product line sets the standard for modern fuel pump and ignition system voltage boosters. The PowerMAX product line also offers solutions for radiator cooling fans and even supercharger intercooler pumps used in popular OEM applications such as; Shelby GT500, SVT Lightning, Camaro ZL1, and Corvette ZR1.

 The biggest news from the new 2014 catalog is the release of BoostMAX for Ford Ecoboost-powered cars and trucks. This innovative stand-alone turbo boost enhancement device is designed to work with both 87 and 91 octane. It adds big “warranty-friendly horsepower” and is completely plug and play. Aftermarket OBD-II programming is not required for use, and it is designed to be stacked with an OBD-II tuner and custom tune files for additional performance improvements.

 Additional catalog highlights include: PedalMAX and FleetMAX, which modify the throttle response on any 2011 and newer Ford or 2010 and newer GM drive-by-wire car or truck. PedalMAX offers a substantial improvement to throttle feel, allowing for a quick and crisp throttle response. It eliminates pedal lag and works to virtually eliminate turbo-lag on Ford Ecoboost and diesel Vehicles. When PedalMAX was tested on the 2013-2014 Shelby GT500, it eliminated the stalling just off of idle that is a common complaint with the vehicle’s owners. FleetMAX is designed for use on fleet vehicles and allows managers to control both the amount of total throttle activation and rate of throttle electronically. FleetMAX improves fuel economy by reducing “jack rabbit starts” and heavy acceleration.

Other additions to the JMS 2014 Performance Parts Catalog include; high–quality OEM-replacement fuel pumps, JMS supercharger pulleys, Mustang GT and Shelby GT500 performance packages, digital GM 6.5L diesel pump mounted driver, and product use diagrams with easy to follow charts to make sure you get the right part for your vehicle application the first time.


  • Chips that improve throttle response for many modern muscle cars
  • Works with 87 and 91 octane
  • Warranty-free horsepower



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