Livernois Releases 6.4L Hemi Drop In Piston And Rod Kit


New from Livernois Motorsports – the 6.4L Hemi Drop In Piston and Rod kit will help strengthen your Hemi for more power adders. See more details below.

Official Release:

The Livernois Motorsports 6.4L Hemi Drop In Piston and Rod kit is designed for the ultimate power adder to help support further modifications down the road. Choose your route to obtain the power you want but make sure your internal components are strong enough! We have seen weaknesses with the stock internal components with normal aftermarket modifications so make sure you have a strong, reliable base to build 650+ hp! We highly recommended this kit when installing a supercharger. It’s much more cost effective to upgrade the pistons and rods now than replacing a full motor down the road. Your cost’s will go from around $2k to well over $10k without the proper modifications!

The material from the factory is great for a stock application but as soon as extra power is added they quickly become a weak link. The Livernois replacement forged pistons are made from a much stronger material and the design is built with much more thickness in the critical areas to prevent failure

The stock rods can fail the beam at increased power levels. This usually results in a complete engine failure ruining the blocks and heads often. We highly suggest to start with a piston/rod upgrade or even a built street series short block if you are looking to add more power to the stock platform. These failures are very common with almost all of the aftermarket performance adders out there.

Best part, the pistons are pre-sized to fit perfectly in the block so there is NO block machining required! The weight of the Pistons and Rods match the stock ones so there is no need to re-balance the crankshaft or even remove it. The only modification that has to be done is grinding the rings for fitment. The kit allows the motor to stay in the vehicle (depend on the application) during installation or pull for ease of access.


  • Custom 6.4L Hemi Pistons
  • Built for boost, 2618 material, thicker ringlands, coatings, heavy wall pin
  • Stainless Steel Ringset (Boost Ready)
  • H-Beam Forged Connecting Rods
  • Tri-Metal Performance Rod Bearings

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