OPTIMA Offers New Digital 1200 Battery Charger Available This Spring

Do you have a crummy old battery charger that barely works any more or is confusing to use? Then it’s time to upgrade to the new Digital 1200 Battery Charger from OPTIMA Batteries. This new charger is one has one of the best user interfaces on the market, allowing you to clearly see battery charging and fill rates, as well as fault messages. It also helps extend the life of your battery and can even recover a battery that is deeply discharged. OPTIMA knows how much you rely on you battery in your car, boat, truck, motorcycle, etc, so coming this spring their offering you the latest and greatest technology to get you going faster.

Official Release:

OPTIMA Chargers Digital 1200 Battery Charger

12V Performance Charger and Battery Maintainer

The OPTIMA Chargers’ Digital 1200 Battery Charger enhances the performance of OPTIMA and other AGM batteries, recovers deeply discharged battery and extends battery life. It also features an LCD display for charging, maintaining and fault mode indication. With a gauge that displays battery charging and fill rate with charger mode and fault messages, this new product offers one of the best user interfaces on the market. Other innovative features include an integrated LED work light with ergonomically designed DC charging clamps, quick set selections that prompt users with a quick and easy selection of charge profiles by battery type of battery maintainer by connection type, and USB charging for iPads, iPhones and other devices such as cameras and phones.

The new 12 Amp OPTIMA Chargers Digital 1200 Battery Charger product will be available for consumers to purchase in Spring 2012. It can be used for charging flooded, AGM batteries, used in automotive, motorcycle, marine, tractor, power sports, RVs and more, as it will maximize the charging profile for each application, while giving every battery the ability to perform at the ultimate level. The OPTIMA Chargers Digital 1200 Battery Charger is optimized when used with high-performance AGM batteries but has enhanced charging capabilities that can also be used with all traditional types of automotive and motorcycle batteries.


  • Microprocessor controlled
  • Enhances the performance of OPTIMA & other AGM batteries
  • Charges, conditions and maintains 12V AGM & flooded batteries
  • Recovers deeply discharged batteries & extends battery life
  • LCD battery charging gauge & quick set selections for easy operation
  • Integrated (+) charging clamp LED work light with non-slip grips
  • USB charging port compatible with iPad, iPhone, cell phones & cameras
  • Battery maintainer port & cable for stored vehicles
  • High-Efficiency 12 Amp charging outperforms conventional chargers

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