Upgrade Both Function And Style With Sequential LED Tail Light Kits

One of the most popular modern tail light innovations in the past decade – for both OEM and aftermarket lights – has been the use of LED tail light units in place of old-school incandescent bulbs. With exponentially longer lifespans, lower power usage, more light output, cooler operating temperatures, and much faster response time, LED tail light kits seem almost like a no-brainer upgrade.

Another feature that has come with the rise of LED’s popularity is the ability to easily sequence the tail lights. Standard on many OEM cars, the new trend is to not only create LED retrofit kits for older muscle cars, but to incorporate sequential styling as well. Enter United Pacific Industries.

In order to preserve the traditional styling and looks of OEM tail lights, the UPI tail lights are actually LED inserts which fit in stock housings – no garish eBay housings here. Made up of 48 super-bright LEDs, the pictured 1970 Chevelle inserts can be configured to sequence to the left or right, or the sequencer can be completely turned off, if that is more your style. If you like the sequential mode, you can even program them to activate sequentially when the brake lights activate.

The lights fit snugly into the OEM housings, are secured by the OEM gaskets, and the LED upgrade units require zero aftermarket wiring, as they plug directly into the original light socket. The circuit boards are weatherproof and will operate between 7.7 and 14 volts, and come with a lifetime warranty.

Whether you just want to upgrade to modern LED functionality or are more drawn to the style points of the sequential design, it is a worthwhile project to undertake. And with availability for a wide range of Muscle Car applications, chances are, UPI has you covered.

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