World Products’ New 400-Style SBC Blocks

WP 400 Style SBC blockWorld Products now offers a Chevy small 400 style block. World takes what made the original blocks great, and adds to it some great upgrades, like iron alloy construction and being able to handle up to 600 horsepower. In addition, all blocks are equipped with a priority main oiling system that delivers oil to the main bearings first, ensuring that strenuous demands on the engine are matched with robust lubrication.

Official Release:

World Products is offering a new affordably priced version of the Motown small block. A limited number of Motown SBC blocks is available with nodular iron two-bolt front and rear main caps and straight four-bolt center main caps. The main caps are fitted with ARP bolts and feature a stepped and doweled register. These blocks are a true performance version of the four-bolt 400 SBC blocks which are cast from high strength iron alloy and are rated for up to 600 horsepower. Like all World blocks they are made in the USA.

This block is ideal for street performance and entry level racing applications and uses readily available and affordable standard small block components. Main journals are sized for 400 crank journals and a 2 piece rear main seal is used. Cylinder bores are 4.120″ diameter semi finished, allowing the builder to finish hone for the selected pistons and ring package. The cylinders can be bored safely to a maximum of 4.200″. The cylinder bores are of a Siamese design with increased cylinder wall thickness, so it is not necessary to incorporate steam holes for street use. Deck height is standard SBC 9.025″ and decks are .600″ thick with blind head bolt holes.

World blocks are equipped with a priority main oiling system which delivers oil to the main bearings first for reliable lubrication at high rpm. The starter mounting pad is drilled for both straight across and stagger bolt patterns, and the block is drilled and tapped for side and front motor mounts in OEM locations.


  • Cast from high-strength iron alloy
  • 2 piece rear main seal 
  • 4.120″ diameter semi finished bore, 4.200″ max bore
  • Rated for up to 600hp
  • Oil is delivered to the main bearings first

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