New Screamin’ Demon Viper Coil Packs from Performance Distributors

There is no doubt that the Dodge Viper is a brutish performance beast. With ten cylinders under the hood, it is one of the most powerful production Dodges ever made. Unfortunately the brute force of the engine is not optimized by the car’s factory ignition system. That’s why Performance Distributors has come up with their new Screamin’ Demon coil packs. Not only does this mean a better spark, it also means more power and torque for your factory racecar.

Founded by noted drag racer Kelly Davis in the 1970s, Performance Distributors was the first company to produce a high performance H.E.I. distributor. With Davis’ street and track knowledge, the company has grown to an industry leader in ignition and distributor production for performance and race applications.

It is the company’s race history and working knowledge of performance vehicles that has brought products like the Davis Unified Ignition (DUI) and Firepower Ignition systems to customers looking to add power and reliability to their performance rides.

The Screamin’ Demon coil packs have an output of 45,000 volts to give your Viper plenty of spark energy for added power and efficiency. These high output coils allow for up to an 0.065-inch spark plug gap, which means more spark exposure to the fuel. With a more complete fuel combustion thanks to a wider spark plug gap, your engine will gain much desired power and torque.

The new Screamin’ Demon coil packs also give you the added benefit of quicker starts and a smoother idle. They even mount in the factory coil pack location for easy installation and match up perfectly with your Viper’s factory wiring.

For an added boost in performance, you can also purchase Performance Distributors LiveWires. These high-quality spark plug wires offer low resistance to get as much voltage to your plugs as possible.

The wires are also wrapped in fiberglass to withstand temperatures up to 1,400 degrees Fahrenheit and feature a spiral wound core to suppress computer interference and radio noise. LiveWires come fully assembled and numbered, and can be purchased in a variety of colors for $165.

Obviously you want your Dodge Viper to run as crisp and smooth as possible, so why not check out the Screamin’ Demon coil packs from Performance Distributors? At just $169.00, you’re performance improvements will definitely outweigh the cost.

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