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Back in 1968, a one-man, part-time operation began in the town of Stow, Ohio. When word of the great prices on performance and racing parts catches wind, Summit Racing began to grow. By the next year, the very first Summit Racing store was opened up in the Akron, Ohio, area with some big names filling their product line.

Within a couple years, after placing small ads in automotive magazines, people from all over the country began ordering parts from Summit, and the mail order business that we know today as Summit Racing Equipment planted a stronghold on racers and enthusiasts all over the country, and it hasn’t stopped growing since.

Today, headquartered in Tallmadge, Ohio with three retail stores and distribution centers in Ohio, Nevada and Georgia, Summit is venturing into another arena just for us gearheads. They’ve started up a new blog at OnAllCylinders.com, which is “dedicated to all things high performance”, states Alan Rebescher from Summit’s Media Relations department.

Rebescher says in a press release, “Powered by Summit Racing Equipment, OnAllCylinders is an all-encompassing site with stories and photos about high performance, the latest OEM offerings, powersports and motorsports—in short, everything a gearhead wants to know about.”

A couple of pics you'll find on Summits new blog 'On All Cylinders'

OnAllCylinders will have articles covering product installations, how-tos complete with videos, and tech projects to keep you in the loop and up to date. With photo galleries and videos from events, shows and car features, Summit will keep you busy.

To keep you entertained, there will be regular features like “Mailbag Mondays”, a question-and-answer session where you can post any questions you may have, and fun features like Car Trivia, Top Ten Lists and lots more. So check out OnAllCylinders.com now, because they’re live and waiting for you.

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