Perfect, Original 1979 Pontiac Trans Am For Sale on eBay

A nearly perfect piece of Pontiac history was for sale on eBay. Trans Am Specialties in Miami Florida is making an original 1979 Tenth Anniversary Trans Am available that is sure to have collectors absolutely salivating! 

Sure, there are Trans Am specimens in the world with fantastic pedigrees or are amazing restorations. But how often do you find a perfectly preserved, one-owner original with less than 140 original miles on the clock! Your chances of coming face-to-face with Bigfoot are probably better!

According to the seller, the car comes from a private collection and has seen sunlight very rarely in it’s lifetime. Everything is original down to the Goodyear Polysteel Radials. It is a true 10th Anniversary Edition that comes fully loaded with all of the power options available at that time. Factory T-top, 8-track stereo tape player and automatic transmission are also included in the package.

The interior is what would be expected in a brand new car. Carpet, mats, front and rear upholstery and leather wrapped steering wheel are all in pristine condition as are the dash, door panels and armrests. Every bit of the of the car retains its showroom new sheen.

Beneath the cold air induction scoop which pops through the Firebird graphic emblazoned hood, the all-original 6.6 liter powerplant waits to be awakened. Original factory stickers and production markings remain untouched under the hood and throughout the car as if it is still sitting on the original dealer’s showroom floor.

There are many more detailed photos at the eBay advertisement along with bidding information in case this car is the missing component to complete your automotive fantasy. While the bidding has ended and didn’t reach the asking price is $57,900, it could possibly be for sale still. After you get past the initial sticker shock, that’s really not an outlandish price for something this rare and special.

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