Prewar Contents of Retired Oklahoma Salvage Yard Heading to Auction

Classic cars are hiding everywhere, but it’s not finding them that’s the trick; rather it’s convincing their owners, gracious or not, to hand over the keys and wave goodbye to them.

salvage_yard_auction_7In too many barn or field-find situations, stories of stubborn owners set on condemning their classic vehicles to a life of rotting away rather than giving them up to someone else are prevalent.

Fortunately, the vehicles that have been sitting for decades in one long-retired salvage yard in Enid, Oklahoma will finally be freed from their life-long sentence, thanks to an auction that Hemmings says will go down in early June.

Oliver Jordan’s salvage yard in Enid, OK has been the center of distress for many local hot rod enthusiasts for decades. That’s because once the yard was shut down by Jordan in 1953, hardly a single car ever left the lot, with only a handful of people even given the opportunity to see what was behind its fences. But rumors of an old salvage yard containing dozens of prewar classics undoubtedly existed.

salvage_yard_auction_3When Jordan died in August of 2003, the retired salvage yard remained intact until his wife Ruby died last fall. Following both Oliver and Ruby’s deaths, heirs to the salvage yard attempted to sell the yard’s contents in one lot. This was unsuccessful, so now the gates to the salvage yard are being opened once again for a full-fledged VanDerBrink Auctions event.

salvage_yard_auction_5With unique vehicles like an aluminum-bodied, seven-passenger 1939 Lincoln sedan, a 1917 Maxwell, 1937 Ford stock car, 1924 Rollin, and a 1935 Fleetwood Cadillac to cross the auction block, the June 7th VanDerBrink auction should be a fascinating one.

Other vehicles set to be up for grabs include a number of classic tractors, a 1936 Ford believed to have been used for transporting moonshine, and Jordan’s old daily driver, a supercharged 1937 Cord sedan.

So far, VanDerBrink Auctions is reporting upwards of 250 vehicles from the teens to the 1940s that will cross the auction block on June 7th, starting at 9:30a.m. There is also hundreds of parts reportedly being offered for sale.  


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