We stopped by rocker arm manufacturer Harland Sharp’s booth at the 2010 PRI trade show to find out what their latest and greatest product release to the market was.  Talking with Randy Becker Jr., we found a real jewel in the product line.

The 5.7 and 6.1 liter Hemi full roller rockers arm kit took center stage in the display booth. Anodized in the familiar Harland Sharp orange, the rocker arms were mounted on a Hemi cylinder head for onlooker to get the full picture of these beauties.

Becker explained that these rocker arms had been getting noticed for their needle bearing fulcrums and the valve lash adjusters.  Designed so that they would work with factory pushrods.

Features of the Harland Sharp Hemi Rocker Arms:

  • Billet 2024 Aluminum bodies.
  • Needle bearing fulcrums and roller tips.
  • 5/8″ diameter shafts with factory oiling.
  • Billet steel spacers and hold downs.
  • Fits under stock valve covers
  • Factory ratio 1.65:1
  • Available in adjustable and non-adjustable.

According to Becker, all of Harland Sharp’s roller bearings in every rocker arm are hand assembled and contain 27 needle bearings. The assemblies are knurled to achieve a precision press fit. In addition, they are heat treated for maximize strength and durability.

For more information on Harland Sharp’s line of rocker arms, visit them at www.harlandsharp.com.