PRI 2014: DynoJet’s 3rd-party Controllers For Precise Dyno Tuning

The Power Core software suite with WinPEP 8 from DynoJet Research now has the ability to integrate select third-party controllers into the system, giving tuners even more information to save time during tuning sessions on the chassis dyno.

“You can review data in real time and have the ability to make changes right away,” says DynoJet’s Carl Chastain.

The new feature from DynoJet allows integration of third-party controllers, giving the tuner more information to view in real time or be charted with the run.

The integration option currently works with SCT X3, DiabloSport Predator and EFI Live FlashScan. The controllers are plugged into the vehicle’s OBDII port as usual, and then connected to the DynoJet’s DynoWare RT electronics package via a USB cord or serial port, as directed. The dyno operator can select any of the functions monitored by the controller to watch in real time or add to the printout. Such data review can be valuable when analyzing problems. For example, a run shows the vehicle leaning out on the top end. The controller is adjusted to add more fuel, but the numbers don’t change. By checking the diagnostics available through the controller, the operator realizes the fuel pump is maxed out and there isn’t enough pressure in the fuel rails to support additional fuel. Without that information, the tuner could have spent a full day making runs to diagnose the problem.

By using data from the controller, the tuner would also have access to spark advance, throttle position, air-inlet temperatures and more.

“It’s just another useful tool for the tuner,” sums up Chastain. “We can make their life much easier.”

WinPEP 8 also has the ability to send dyno runs directly to social media, which will get the word out much quicker when the vehicle owner hits a target power level.

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