PRI 2017: PRW Rolls Out a New Fulcrum Upgrade Kit for OEM LS Rockers

The PRW Industries Rocker Arm Replacement Trunions replace the original fulcrum unit with a new assembly with drawn cup bearings, circlips, and fasteners.

Today’s LS valvetrain is a much-improved design compared to their ancestors when it comes to durability. PRW Industries has developed a new fulcrum upgrade kit that will increase your factory rocker strength. They can handle even more when it comes to higher lift cams, performance valve springs, and higher RPMs.

The fulcrum bearings on an OEM rocker are an open or “uncaptured” design. Though good for light performance, they can be the weak point in an otherwise robust rocker design.

“Our PRW Industries Rocker Arm Replacement Trunions upgrade the stock LS Series rocker arms, which are a great design within themselves,” David Ramirez explains. “With performance modifications, the factory needle bearings can fail. Our kit replaces the original fulcrum unit with a new assembly with drawn cup bearings, circlips, and fasteners.

PRW industries also offer a related removal and installation tool kit including an installation tool with a magnetic base. This combines with a steel driver and installation washers for removal and installation of replacement grunions without damaging the rockers.

Ramirez continues, “If OEM roller bearings were to fail in a performance engine, their uncaptured bearings could make their way into the engine oil, leading to even greater damage.”

PRW Industries also offers complete replacement rocker sets that use their upgraded fulcrum assemblies.

Simply by replacing the OEM fulcrums, it retains the lash system design from the factory. There are no worries concerning the adjustment of  lifter preload. This is especially beneficial to LS engine enthusiasts not wanting to get into more complicated lifter preload settings.

The PRW crew was also telling onlookers at the 2017 Performance Racing Industry Trade Show about their other soon-to-come upgrade kit part numbers. Plans are to offer the option of silicone bronze bushings as part of their replacement fulcrum assembly.

Performance LS enthusiasts see these fulcrum upgrades as a performance option between stock rockers and replacing the full OEM rocker group with more expensive fully adjustable roller rockers.

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