Pure Punishment Dodge Charger

In April, 2012, we wrote about Dave Salvaggio of Salvaggio Automotive Design’s latest project: a 1970 Dodge Charger nicknamed Pure Punishment. Salvaggio was building this Charger for a customer, when we last wrote about her she was nowhere near competition.

The concept behind Pure Punishment is a 1970 Dodge Charger that has been modernized inside and out. Modernization is achieved with improved suspension, a performance drive train and a high tech interior. The design for Pure Punishment is based off of a concept rendering by Sean Smith Designs.

The concept rendering by Sean Smith Designs.

The exterior of the Charger remains largely stock, save for a few subtle mods. These are the Charcoal metallic paint, the late model Charger tail lights, the powder coated black 18 inch wheels and the lightweight carbon fiber bumpers fabricated to reassemble the stock metal ones from 1970.

The interior contains grey carpeting, modern door paneling, and leather seats (buckets up front & a bench in the back). These seats have modern seat belts, and are fully adjustable. A custom center console was added that contains a glove box, a pistol grip shifter and buttons for the power windows & locks. The dashboard is a modern style dash with Auto Meter’s Custom Shop gauges, modern AC vents, a racing steering wheel equipped with modern signal and lamp levers.

Pure Punishment's interior has more in common with her late model granddaughter than an original 1970 Charger.

Instead of a 440 RB or a 426 Hemi, Pure Punishment’s power plant is all modern. A high tech multiport fuel injected 6.1L Hemi engine rests in the engine bay. This 6.1L Hemi produces over 620 horsepower it delivers the power through a Tremec T-56 six speed transmission.

Her handling has been improved in order to compete with modern cars on the road. This was done by using a C6 Corvette front suspension and a custom four link rear suspension. This allows the Charger to handle corners with ease. Bringing the Charger to a stop are 4-piston Wildwood Disc Brakes.

“Pure Punishment” is what this Dodge Charger is going to deliver when it’s on the road. Check out the gallery below.