QA1’s Rebuildable Circle Track Monotube Shock

qa1-03Unlike some shocks on the market, the QA1 Circle Track monotube shocks are rebuildable. As the name implies, QA1 designed the shock for circle track racing, specifically to be used in dirt track racing. The shock was built to help the car perform on tracks that have rough and rugged conditions.

The Circle Track monotube shocks works by having an area of oil and gas separated by a floating piston. As the rods compress or extend the floating piston moves which allows to oil to remain stable when the rod is displaced. This allows for increased performance on rough dirt tracks and allows the oil to stay cooler longer.

As you know, stock car racing can put a lot of stress on a shock, especially when a dirt track is rough and full of ruts. Racing on rough tracks can make rebuilds a common occurrence, however the rebuild is a simple task.

qa1-01Standing behind their products like a good company should, QA1 has released this step by step rebuild video for the single tube shock on their YouTube channel, as well as another video for the twin tube shock. QA1 also has other videos about rebuildable components, like ball joints, that fit a multitude of vehicles.

A simple tear down and quick rebuild can get you back in the game in a hurry. Rebuilding will allow racers to save time and money, and not be out of the race because of a failed shock. Check out the QA1 web site for more information on shocks, and ball joints, and the many other suspension components.

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