Looking for something totally unique? Maybe something to impress your buddies? This jet-powered ATV we found for sale over on Racing Junk might be just the ticket. It’s not quite as radical as the jet bar stool, go kart, or porta-potty – but it’s pretty cool nonetheless.

The one-of-a-kind ATV is propelled by a GE T58-3 turbine helicopter engine that’s been converted over to thrust. The engine is said to be a piece from the legendary Art Arfons. For drag racing purposes the chassis is fully IHRA certified with current certification tags, and features a completely custom frame, brake system, fiberglass body, and paint. While not a drag racing vehicle per se, the quad has actually been featured on such television shows as Pinks All Out and Passtime. And why not – it’s not every day you see an ATV with a jet strapped to the frame. Especially not that that is capable of running 170 MPH. The listed owner mentions that the quad would make for a great exhibition vehicle for car burns, car shows, monster truck shows, demolition derbies, fairs, and movies, in addition to drag racing shows. One thing is for sure, you probably wouldn’t be welcome at any quad races, nor would you be wise to take this thing trail riding – unless of course, forest fires are your thing.